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25 August, 2015



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Corpse of Discovery is a first-person surrealistic exploration game located on a myriad of procedurally generated planetary landscapes. As the astronaut searching for answers while completing missions on uncharted worlds, players will work to uncover the truth about what’s happened and why they are there.While working for the Corps to complete the various objectives at-hand, players must remain determined, motivated and resilient while working towards their ultimate goal: to get back home to their family and make them proud.Corpse of Discovery dissects and examines themes of loss, identity, time, and priorities, and ultimately culminates in the crucial question, “What sacrifices will we make to be successful?”

Delving Deeper

The Gameplay

Players will begin on the base, where they will learn of their mission, and be able to explore and engage with meaningful objects from the astronaut’s life. While embarking on their first mission, they’ll meet A.V.A, an Assist Bot who guides them in their journey and consistently reminds them of their vitality to the Corps.

Players will embark on varying beautiful ethereal environments where they will have to complete a multitude of objectives that vary from planet to planet. While always keeping in mind that they must complete their mission to return home, players will need to accomplish varying goals such as finding limited resources or mapping the planet. While often contending with harsh conditions such as intense heat or storms, players will need to rely on their skills and determination to accomplish their goal.

Finding What Matters

Corpse of Discovery takes a look at priorities under a symbolic microscope, examining the balancing act of time, our most precious resource. As they work through the game, players will discovery that each of the planets has a deep symbolic meaning, designed to signify differing life elements that the player is struggling with, ranging from defining their values to self-identity.

Inspired by his own life and the nuanced struggles he’s faced as a game developer and a dad, Creative Director Chip Sineni saw Corpse of Discovery as an opportunity to connect with others who face similar challenges in today’s work-driven society.


  • Mature and Deep Narrative: A thought-provoking exploration game, set in space, about life’s revelations, misguided expectations, disappointments and self-discovery.
  • Fantastic Alien Landscapes: Explore undiscovered worlds that go on for miles, each world more astounding and beautiful than the last.
  • Immersive Investigative Gameplay: Examine your environment to understand new lifeforms, appreciate history, and re-live your precious memories.
  • Enivornmental challenges: Experience unique planetary hazards and gameplay mechanics like deadly solar radiation, powerful wind storms, lava oceans, and floating islands only reachable by jetpack.


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Phosphor Studios is a Chicago-based game developer that creates dark, quirky, and whimsical games that take you on riveting adventures and experiences. Phosphor Games is the creator of Horn, Dark Meadow, The Path to Luma, Corpse of Discovery, and now, The Brookhaven Experiment.

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Chip Sineni
Director, Phosphor Games Studio

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